Corporate parties

hotel nowodwory

Events with employees and contractors help build good relationships. They have a positive effect on the image of your business. At the Nowodwory *** hotel, we will organize a Christmas Eve for employees, company birthday parties and other events related to promoting your business. Invite your contractors to the charming Ciechanowiec – the town has an intimate atmosphere and is only 130 km away from Warsaw.

Ralka restaurant

We have an excellent cuisine – a talented chef, Piotr Pyczot, is responsible for the menu. Discreet and professional service will take care of the setting and comfort of your guests. If you want to provide them with accommodation, we have 22 rooms in a high standard. The peaceful surroundings and the natural surroundings are ideal conditions for relaxation and spending time together, away from everyday duties.

We look forward to working with you!